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Harbor and Sailor the Poodles and Kimpton - Chihuahua

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What is life without your best friends. Mine happen to be my wonderful dogs, (my babies). Harbor is my red Standard Poodle, she is the smart one. She can spell Cookie, great in agility and just a big loving girl. She has Addisons and was diagnosed when she was almost three years old. She is doing good, gets a shot once a month.

Sailor is my black Stand Poodle, Super loving, loves Harbor, kids and us. He loves to run around the yard and loves to play ball, or at least make squeak noises with them.

Kimpton, is my newest edition. Long haired black Chihuahua and of course runs the house. Feisty is too small of a word for her, BIG personality and funny, we laugh all day long with her.


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