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Beachy Kitchen with colorful backsplash

I new I wanted a white kitchen that was a must for me. I love white kitchens, it just feels clean and fresh. I also Love shaker style cabinets another must. I went the regular route of looking at some local cabinet makers and Lowes. Lowes does not offer seamless cabinets so that was out! My husband (Jeff) actually found the cabinet maker in LI City. They are company that do high end spas and hotels in NYC. We got lucky since Jeff was doing a real estate deal with them. Long story short, they made my cabinets in their shop and when I came to see them they were set up like my kitchen. They built in my Fridge, so all the cabinets along that wall are very deep. I used Kitchen Aide appliances except the cooktop I used Samsung, I love the blue lights that look like a flame when it is on.

When it came to back splash I was sure I was going to use a Watercolor marble tile. But when I saw this tile, I just fell in love. It is custom made by Allison Eden, my kitchen is on her website. She is an amazing designer, she is on HGTV, used by Christina and HGTV Dream Home. The countertops I used the white grey vein quartz (that looks like marble). I do love them and find them easy to clean. If I get a stain I found soft scrub gets it out. For the cooktop use products used for cooktops to clean, other cleaners leave a film on the glass.


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