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Florida Beachy, Modern, Farmhouse, Boho Renovation

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Who says renovating a home is easy. Not me! Fun? Sometimes, but bringing out your creative side is a joy! I started this renovation well physically February 2021, but mentally 2018. I have been waiting years to get my project underway and finally it is looking like my dream house.

We started by knocking down half the house, we have a 50% rule in our county, since we are on the Water, if you knock down the whole house you have to raise the home. We did not want to do that, stairs was a not in our plans, we were determined to keep the ranch style, but make it grander and bigger.

Well here is the almost finished project of phase 1. So much more to come!, but see below - Before pictures.

This is the house in its original state.

Under construction with half a house down

We found graffiti on the old block and beam. Love the "this house is an abortion". The prior owners did a lot of do it yourself reno and it showed.

Work getting done, block in and trusses and roof on. Feeling like we are getting a home. Yeah!

Kitchen at Pawhouse

Kitchen Finally complete.

Sub Zero fridge, freezer and wine fridge along with a Cafe' double oven

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