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Trying to be Simple - Living Room - Beach, BOHO

Updated: Sep 2, 2020


If you are like me I love stuff! When I go shopping (big Home Goods fan) I see so many things I like, that my house wines up cluttered. Hence "Trying to be simple". I just got the two couches from Pottery Barn delivered today. One came with a broken leg, which will be replaced sometime in the future, according to the delivery person. I get to use it till the new one arrives.

I have several antique pieces, I like to incorporate old and new in my homes.

I use to collect white antique pitchers, so I have a few of them around the house, as well as the antique pie safe.

The coffee table is a huge Lazy Susan type of table that spins, I purchased that at Arhaus. It really works well in the room.

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